Too Busy for Acidity?

It is truly admirable how you are able to juggle family, work and self-care all at the same time. But when acidity strikes, it can throw you off balance and make you feel less like yourself. Read on to see how you can manage acidity and get back on track.

Take charge of acidity at home

Why acidity can strike at home

There are a number of reasons acidity could strike at home. For example, if your partner is fond of bringing food back for you, it could be the type of food they choose. A spicy dish like phaal curry or a rich chocolate mousse could trigger acidity. To learn more about acidity-causing foods, have a look at this article.

Another reason could be fast-food. We understand that juggling work and family is tiring and the temptation to order in instead of cooking is real. Be careful though – from burgers and fries to vada pavs and bhajjis, fast-foods are usually greasy.

Speed and timing are also factors that could lead to you having acidity at home. ‘Eating on the run’ and rush your food instead of settling down for your meal, and late dinner times due to busy periods at work could also contribute to acidity.

How acidity affects you and your home-life

When acidity strikes, it can affect your home life in many ways. Quality family and bonding time could get cut short when your partner or family members aren’t feeling well. During the night, you might not be able to get a restful night’s sleep. Acidity could also make meal preparation a little more complicated – you might need to make separate meals that are less likely to trigger symptoms for family members who have acidity.

Tips to avoid or get relief from acidity at home


Icon How to control acidity with a busy lifestyle

Make time for you and your family to sit down and have meals together

Icon How to control acidity with a busy lifestyle

Avoid eating at least 3 hours before you go to sleep1,3

Icon How to control acidity with a busy lifestyle

Try to stay away from fatty foods, such as samosas which are fried in oil1,3

Icon How to control acidity with a busy lifestyle

After a long day at work, or school, home is where you deserve to be at peace, and the last thing one’d expect to come knocking is acidity. But with Eno, let acidity out the door as Eno starts to work on acidity in 6 seconds.6

Stop acidity getting in the way of social situations

Four women enjoying a meal

How social occasions can lead to acidity

  •  You’re often served rich or unhealthy foods
  • It’s easy to eat and/or drink too much
  • You may get anxiety in social situations
  •  If travel is involved, your usual routines can be disrupted and you may eat foods you’re not used to

How acidity affects you during social occasions

  • You might need to avoid some of the foods being offered (especially spicy or fried foods), leaving you without much to eat2
  • You may not feel like going out socialising2
  • You may feel you’re ‘missing out’ because of your acidity

Tips to avoid or get relief from acidity in social situations

  • Try to keep your portions small and opt for the healthier options on the menu1
  • If you’re planning to go on a trip, plan ahead so you know what foods are likely to be okay for you
  • Go ahead and don’t stop that wanderlust in you from exploring new places and more importantly, the local cuisine. But, in case, it leads to acidity, do not worry, we have you covered. Take Eno because it gets to work in 6 seconds6, and you can carry on with your explorations non-stop.

Get on top of acidity at work

Work-related things that cause acidity

  • Stress, from being put under pressure, or from working long hours without meals or breaks4
  • Too many acidity-causing snacks, such as chocolates or oily finger food1,3
  • Too much coffee3

Different ways that acidity affects you during work2

  • Increased occurrence of sick days
  • Decrease in social interactions

Tips to avoid or get relief from acidity at work

Icon How to control acidity with a busy lifestyle

Keep your stress in check by engaging in some relaxation techniques4

Icon How to control acidity with a busy lifestyle

If you want a snack, consider fresh or dried fruit5

Icon How to control acidity with a busy lifestyle

Switch out your daily caffeine fix for herb tea or water1-3

Icon How to control acidity with a busy lifestyle
If you smoke, try your best to kick the habit – ask your doctor for help 1-3
Icon How to control acidity with a busy lifestyle

Alright, you got tempted by those hot samosas, or took a few extra cups of coffee to keep yourself up and running. But that cannot come in the way of that afternoon presentation you have with your client or that long awaited catch up lunch you have planned with your friends. Relax, we got you covered. Take ENO, because it gets to work in just 6 seconds6

Other Tips To Help Control Acidity

If you or someone in your family has tried some of our tips but are still getting symptoms of an acidity problem, it is probably worth trying an antacid. Antacids work by neutralising the acid in your stomach and they tend to provide relief quickly.

You should see your doctor if an antacid isn’t enough to control your symptoms or if your symptoms worry you. Your doctor may prescribe other medications or do some tests.

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