What Is Acidity?

Acidity is a set of symptoms caused by excess production of acid by the gastric glands of
the stomach. Your stomach naturally produces gastric or hydrochloric acid (HCl) to help
digest and break down food. Acidity issues arise when there is excess production of this
acid due to triggers such as acidic foods, alcohol, dehydration and stress.

When acidity occurs, the excess acid may move up from your stomach to your esophagus.
The lining of your stomach with a pH of 1 to 3 is designed as such to withstand a high acidic
environment. Your esophagus on the other hand with a pH close to 7 is not, and you may
experience symptoms such as a burning sensation in the chest when this pH drops below 4.
Other uncomfortable symptoms may include sour taste in the mouth, heaviness and
burning sensation in the stomach or throat. Antacids such as ENO work to bring up the pH in
your Esophagus to above 3.5 relieving you from acidity.

The Facts Behind The Fast

  • ENO contains acid-neutralising salts that dissolve quickly
  • These neutralising salts get to work in just 6 seconds¹

When Acidity strikes,
take ENO for fast relief.
It gets to work in just
6 seconds.¹


¹ A Comparison of the Effect of Regular Eno and Placebo on Intragastric pH in
Healthy Fasted Subjects . Does not imply relief.