How To Manage Your Acidity

As the name suggests, antacids are exactly that:  anti-acid. They are the fastest way to
relieve the acute onset of symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of acidity.

Acidity remedies like ENO work by neutralising excess amounts of acid in your
stomach and helping to manage the burning sensation that acidity can cause. Antacids
come in various forms. The most common forms are as a powder, a liquid or a tablet.
There are advantages and drawbacks to each, so if you decide to take antacids, consider
what form works best with your lifestyle.

How To Shift Acidity
Into Neutral

Powders are easy to carry and administer, so long
as water is accessible, and they start acting
quickly to relieve acidity symptoms.

Liquids tend to act more quickly on an acidity
problem than tablets and are often the preferred
form for children, but can be difficult to
carry around when you’re on the go.

Tablets are easy to carry, but tend to act more
slowly than either liquids or powders to relieve
acidity symptoms.