How ENO Works In Acidity

How does ENO work with your body? First, start by understanding your digestive system.
Stomach acid helps digest food but can cause discomfort when produced in excess. But
sometimes your body may have trouble combating this acidity and this is where ENO can help.


ENO does its job and leaves1

ENO is made with svarjiksara and nimbukamlam. Its
ingredients dissolve quickly to create an effervescent
solution which neutralizes stomach acid on contact.
And it is also gentle on the stomach.

Unlike ENO, PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) and H2
Blockers work by reducing the production of stomach
acid. They need to be absorbed before bring about
their effects. ENO doesn’t need to be absorbed to start
acting. It gets to work fast on acidity and does not
interfere with the body’s normal stomach acid production.