Home Remedies For Acidity

Working long hours, skipping meals, eating at odd times or an unhealthy diet
all create stresses on our health and lead to acidity. Solutions such as ENO are the fastest
and easiest way to treat the sudden onset of acidity providing you relief from six
symptoms of acidity.

Several commonly known home remedies are believed to help manage your acidity and
may relieve some of your symptoms and discomfort for a time.

Popular Home Remedies 
For Acidity Used Today*:

  • Cold buttermilk, coconut water or cold milk
  • Herbs such as Ajwain, Tulsi leaves, Saunf, Jeera and Pudina leaves
    *TNS U&A (India) Quantitative Survey - 2010

Fast Facts

The lower esophageal sphincter or LES, is a circular band of muscles in the lower part of
the esophagus. It acts as a valve for the stomach. In some people, it may not open or close
properly, allowing acid from the stomach to flow up into the esophagus.

ENO - Gets to work in 6 Seconds!

When Acidity Strike,
take ENO for fast relief.
It gets to work in just
6 seconds.¹


¹ A Comparison of the Effect of Regular ENO and Placebo on Intragastric pH in
Healthy Fasted Subjects . Does not imply relief.