Causes Of Acidity

There are many things that can cause acidity. While you may not be able to
control them all, knowing some of the more common causes and symptoms might
help you to prevent it from happening.



Acidity Causes

Stress: Hectic lifestyle and stress can lead to unhealthy or
irregular meals, none of which is good for your digestion
and may cause you acidity.

Spicy Food: No one wants to live a life that’s bland. Still, consuming
fatty or spicy foods may increase risk of acidity.

Drinking too much alcohol could also be the culprit behind
your acidity.

Missing meals and then binging on junk food to make up
for it can also lead to high levels of acidity.

Symptoms Of Acidity Can Vary, But Some Of The More Common Ones Include:

• Burning sensation in chest

• Burning sensation in stomach

• Burning sensation in throat

• Sour taste in mouth

• Upper abdomen discomfort

• Post-meal heaviness


How ENO works in stomach

When Acidity strike,
take ENO for fast relief.
It gets to work in just
6 seconds.¹


¹ A Comparison of the Effect of Regular ENO and Placebo on Intragastric pH in
Healthy Fasted Subjects . Does not imply relief.